Performances at the 1970 Florida Folk Festival (Main Stage) (Reel 6)

Date: May 1970

Source: S1576 , T77-218

Type: Sound

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Event Name

Collector or Fieldworker

Tradition Bearer

Genre or Occupation

Title of Work

  • Bone Mizzell (Frog Smith)
  • The Bella Mina & Cajun Queen (Ballad and Blues Society)
  • Buffalo Gala (Cox)
  • Barbara Allen
  • Another Man Done Gone (Suncoast Girl Scout Council)
  • Spring Hill Disaster, 1958
  • The Cuckoo (Mark)
  • My True Destiny
  • Stranger in Your Town
  • Love Come Home (CCC Boys)
  • Orange Blossom Special
  • Little Georgia Rose
  • Theres a Apin in My Heart
  • Blue Kentucky Girl
  • Rubber Dolly
  • Festival history (Fletcher Hodges)
  • Seminole Lore (Shore & Billie)
  • Big Music (Peggy Hodges)
  • Katie Kline (Lefevre Family)
  • Storms Are on the Ocean
  • Dumbartons Drums (Bob & Evelyn Beers)
  • Larks They Sang Melodious
  • Island in the Sun
  • Foogy Mountain Top (Old Silver Group)
  • French folk songs (Malkine)
  • Meaning of One (Foggy Mountain Singers)
  • Like a Bridge Over Troubled Waters
  • Lost John (Stockard)
  • Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (Antioch Junior Chorus)
  • Oh Mary Dont You Weep
  • Oh Happy Day
  • No News is Good News (Norcross)

Place Name

Corporate or Conference Name


  • One reel to reel recording. Boltin served as emcee. The Flemmings were based out of Tampa. Hodges was curator of the Stephen Foster Memorial. Peggy Hodges lived in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Frog Smith lived in Fort Myers. Guitarist Mark was a student at the University of Florida. The CCC boys were based out of Athens, Georgia. The Ballad and Blue Society was William and Barbara Koehler.


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