Interview and music performance with blues singer Moses Williams

Date: April 22, 1978

Source: S1576 , T78-320, T78-321

Type: Sound

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Download: MP3

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  • Unidentified song (T78-320)
  • Which Way Did My Baby Go
  • Baby Please Don't Go
  • Catfish Blues
  • I'm Natalie Roberta's Son
  • Come Back Baby
  • Apple Farm Blues
  • Which Way Did My Baby Go
  • Which Way Did My Baby Go (T78-321)
  • Sitting On Top of the World

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  • Two reel to reel recordings. Williams was born 15 February 1919 in Itta Bena, Mississippi. After traveling with several acts in the 1930s/1940s, he moved to Florida to work the citrus groves. He always played the diddly bow, a one-string instrument played throughout that south that functioned as a primitive guitar. Moses talked about his songs; professional nicknames; the music business; working for the Silas Green Traveling Show as a clown; how he wrote his songs; performing on Beale Street in Memphis; and the history of blues music. In addition, Williams plays several of his songs. (The reels T81-16 and T81-17 may be a duplicate recording of this interview.)

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