End of Saturday performances and start of Sunday performances at the 1975 Florida Folk Festival (Main Stage)

Date: August 30, 1975

Source: S1576 , T79-19

Type: Sound

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  • The Great High Wind That Blew the Low Post Down (Boyer Family)
  • Lassie With the Yellow Coatie (Evelyn Burstine-Beers and The Boyers)
  • Dumbartons Drums
  • The Golden Willow Tree (Robert Dixon)
  • Lavender Cowboy
  • Chariot Race (Paul Cadwell) (incomplete)
  • Dig It (Seafood Combo)
  • Carnival of Venice
  • Medley: The Old Spinnign Wheel, Red Wing, Golden Slippers (Howie & Ann Mitchell)
  • Love Me Tender
  • Silver Bells
  • Unidentified song (Olin Fraser)
  • Do Right, Daddy
  • Orange Blossom Special (Skip Johns & Travelers)
  • Cabin the Hills of Carolina
  • My Walking Shoes Do Not Fit Me Anymore
  • Roustabout
  • Foggy Mountain Breakdown
  • Ballan Derry & Heaven Bound (Amy Allen & Kathy Goodman)
  • Kings Daughter, Lady Jane (Joy Carter)
  • Jesse Sporrio
  • Mountain Whippoorwill (Michael Moore)
  • Dark as a Dungeon (Dan Tillinghast)
  • Frozen Logger
  • Wont You Come Home Bill Bailey (Hallman)
  • Johnny Come Home
  • Oh! Suzanna (John Williamson)
  • Medley of Foster Songs
  • San Antonio Rose
  • Ezekial Saw the Wheel (Flemming)
  • Its Raining
  • Give Me Oil For My Lamp
  • Happy Birthday Thelma (end of Saturday performances)
  • Peace Like a River (Robetr Dixon) (start of Sunday performances)
  • Jesus in the Morning
  • The Orphan Boy
  • Stand By Me
  • Amazing Grace
  • The White Pilgrim (Tom & Esther Beadnell)
  • Where He Leads Me I Will Follow
  • Prayer for Gentleness
  • Jesus Loves Me (Caney Forkers)
  • Ballad of John Scopes
  • Music Shall Live
  • Battle of Jericho
  • Comminion in the Lords House (Dan Smith)
  • When Your Time Comes to Die
  • Every Day Will Be Sunday on the Other Side (Dan Smith w/Bessie Jones)
  • Family History (Jones) (Cont. on T79-20)

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  • One reel to reel recording. Boltin served as emcee. The Boyer Family were from Missouri, and the family of late singer Bob Beers. His wife, Burstine, was from Petersburg, NY. Dixon was from Miami. Seafood Combo was from Tallahassee and consisted of: Tony Verderamo, Larry Abrams, and Pam Mansfield. Fraser and Durham were from Midway, Georgia. Skip Johns and his band were bluegrass musicians from Lake City. Allen and Goodman were both ballad singers from East Point, Georgia. Cadwell was a banjoist from Jackson Heights, NY. Carter was a singer from Macon, Georgia. Moore hailed from Green Cove Springs. Tillinghast lived in Hollywood, Florida. The Hallmans were from Greenville, SC. Williamson was from Palatka. Flemming, with his friends Pat & Luther Rozar, and Dennis Henry, closed out the show.

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