Interviews with members of the Salsa Express

Date: August 14, 1986

Source: S1576 , T81-73, T81-74, T81-75

Type: Sound

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  • Three reel to reels. T81-73: Morrison and Menendez, members of the band Salsa Express, discuss the ethnic makeup of their band (a mixture of Cuban, Puerto Rican, and Anglo American); the types of Salsa music they play; the structure of Salsa music; jazz influences in Salsa music; instruments they use in the band; improvisation in the music style; conga dancing and Mardi Gras festivals; and Santeria culture and music. T81-74: Morrison and Menendez continue their discussion on music. They talk about the different types of music they play; the rhythms and instruments they use; dance music played at Quince parties; an extraordinary Quince party Menendez once attended; comparsa, or street, dancing; disco music; cloved-dancing; the Latin traditions they have maintained and to what degree they have evolved; and playing conservative styles of music. T81-75: Morrison and Menendez discuss a Cuban band in Washington D.C. called the Kubata that plays rhumba music and talk about the difference between rhumba and salsa music. Menendez also discusses his life in Castro's Cuba as a youth and his immigration to the U.S. in October 1970; New Years Eve and Fiesta de Quince traditions; dominoes; gambling; and the changes that have occurred in Cuba since Communism. Copied onto C81-44, C81-45 & C81-46.

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