Saturday afternoon performances at the 1978 Florida Folk Festival (Main Stage) (Reel 1)

Date: May 27, 1978

Source: S1576 , T80-10

Type: Sound

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Genre or Occupation

Title of Work

  • Cant Nobody Do It Like Jesus (African Missionary Baptist Church choir)
  • I am Glad He Did
  • Turn It Over to Jesus
  • Wont That Be a Time
  • Mr. Rabbit (Jay & Peggy Smith)
  • Old Aunt Sally
  • The Unicorn
  • King Caratacus (Betsy Bouwhuizen)
  • The Water is Wide
  • The Crawdad Song
  • Shores of America (Last Nights Fun)
  • Soft Shoe Reel
  • Paddy McGinty and His Goat
  • James Connolly
  • Dancing the Hornpipe

Place Name

Corporate or Conference Name


  • One reel to reel recording. Boltin served as emcee. Bouwhuizen was a teacher in Tampa. The African Missionary Baptist Church was based out of Live Oak. The Smiths were from Palatka. Last Night's Fun, of Tampa, consisted of Susanne Scott, Ruth Saff, and Michael O'Reilly.

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