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C86-7, C86-8, C86-9, C86-10, C86-11, C86-12

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  • Opening remarks (Stock/Sommers) (C86-7)
  • Hold to God's Unchanging Hand (Voices of Joy)
  • Every Time I Think About Jesus
  • Praise His Name
  • None But Jesus
  • That's Enough
  • Time Won't Be No More
  • There's a Leak in This Old Building (cont. on C86-8, Side 1)
  • Move Somewhere
  • Bata drumming (Santeria) (cont. on Side 2)
  • Shoeshine rag popping (Walker)
  • Storytelling (Hart)
  • Klezmer music (Bronsztein) (C86-9, Side 1)
  • The Crooked Road to Dublin (Kelly/Moloney)
  • Give Me Your Hand
  • Slieve Gallion Braes
  • Congress Reel
  • Green Gates
  • Lucy Campbell
  • The Drunken Sailor (C86-10, Side 1)
  • Bonnie Kate
  • John Byrne's
  • Jalisco (Mariachi Jalisco)
  • Guadalajara
  • Cielito Lindo
  • Unidentified song
  • Jarave Tapatio
  • La Bamba (Side 2)
  • South American music (J. Rodriguez/H. Rodriguez/Alvarez)
  • Moliendo Cafe
  • Yo Vendo los Ojos Negros
  • El Gallo de Oro
  • Recuerdos de Ypacarai
  • El Carnaval
  • Things Ain't What They Used to Be (Rolle Band) (C86-12, Side 1)
  • Po Lambi music (Joseph)
  • Puerto Rican jibaro music (Hernandez/Santiago/Lopez/Rosario)
  • La Plena
  • Unidentified song (Side 2)
  • El Jibarito
  • Seis Chorreao
  • Palo Bonito
  • Closing remarks (Stock)

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  • Six audio cassettes. Sponsored by the Historical Museum of Southern Florida, the festival was held at the Metro-Dade Cultural Center. In 1987, the name of the festival was changed to the Traditions Festival. Stock and Sommers served as emcees. Mariachi Jalisco consisted of: Francisco Rodriguez, guitar; Gabriel Mateo, trumpet; José Areano, guitarón; Hector Varel, trumpet; Pablo Martinez, vihuela. The Billy Rolle Jazz Band consisted of: Billy Rolle, alto and tenor sax; Noel Cruz, electric piano; Robert Cooper, string bass; Al Greers, drums. The bata drummers consisted of: Rinaldo Pena, drum; Arturo Pena, drum; Cerresta Quinzano, drum; Ernesto Pichardo, vocals. Bronsztein played the clarinet, while Bracha joined him on electric piano.

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