Sacred Harp Singing by the Bethlehem Primitive Baptist Church






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T83-74 - T83-76

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  • Lord, Revive Us [Holy Manna] (T83-74)
  • Firm Foundation [Bellevue]
  • Children of the Heavenly King [The Marcellas]
  • Conversion
  • Longing for Heaven
  • Shades of Night
  • We'll Wear a Crown
  • Closer Walk With God
  • The Gospel Feast
  • Blow Ye the Trumpet [Lenox]
  • Coronation
  • Nearer, My God to Thee
  • Am I a Soldier? (T83-75)
  • Arnold
  • Cowper
  • How Long, Dear Saviour [Northfield]
  • The Traveler
  • I'm Going Home
  • To Die No More
  • I Would See Jesus
  • Ocean
  • Child of Thine
  • Forever Blessed
  • The Inquirer (T83-76)
  • Cleansing Fountain
  • Gospel Message
  • Sharpsburg
  • The Orphan Girl
  • Happy Land
  • That Beautiful Land
  • Ninety-Fith Psalm

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  • Three reel to reel recordings. Sacred Harp singing is the largest surviving branch of traditional American Shape Note Singing. "Sacred Harp" refers to The Sacred Harp, a book first published in 1844. The a capella singing is a non-denominational community musical event emphasizing participation, not performance. Singers sit facing inward in a hollow square. Each individual is invited to take a turn "leading," i.e. standing in the center, selecting a song, and beating time with the hand. For other recordings of sacred harp signing from this church, see reels T78-348 through T78-350, and cassettes C79-82 through C78-83.



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