Saturday performances at the 1982 Florida Folk Festival (Main Stage) (Reel 1)

Date: May 29, 1982

Source: S1576 , T83-21

Type: Sound

Download: MP3

Download: MP3

Event Name

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Genre or Occupation

Title of Work

  • Unidentified song (Troy & Lucy Lovelace) (Side 1)
  • Those Brown Eyes (Jay & Peggy Smith)
  • Marching Through Georgia (Troy & Lucy Lovelace)
  • East Indian dance demo (Nila & Jaya Radhakrishnan)
  • Lillian Saunders Tribute (Boltin, Florida Folklife Council)
  • Wild Hog (Richard Markle and the Swamprooters) (continued on Side 2)
  • Under the Southern Bald Eagle
  • Pick Me Up
  • Winnebago
  • Pines of Lowell
  • Leather Britches (Fatwood Fiddle Band)
  • What'll We Do With the Baby-O
  • Magpie
  • Did You Ever See the Devil, Uncle Joe?
  • Texas Gals
  • Katydid

Ethnicity or Nationality

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Corporate or Conference Name


  • One reel to reel recording. Boltin served as emcee. Saunders was one of the founders of the Florida Folk Festival, and a former member of the Florida Folklife Council.

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