Interview with Donnie Gader

Date: October 24, 1984

Source: S1576 , Container 15 , C84-118, C84-119, C84-120, C84-121

Type: Sound

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Download: MP3

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  • Four audio cassettes. C84-118: Audio is quiet on interviewer at the start. Donnie Gader recollects songs from her childhood and how she learned them, including: "Rosewood Casket"; "Lilac Trees"; "I'm a Little Curly Head" (rhyme); lullabyes; "The Shoemakers"; "Good Morning, Merry Sunshine"; songs about Jessie James; "Pollywollydoodle"; "Southern Lullabye"; discusses racial words in songs; songs learned from black community: "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot"; hymns: "Amazing Grace"; "Rock of Ages"; song about a circus bear; learning songs from school teachers; "The Raggedy Man" (poem); and others. C84-119: Donnie Gader talks about home butchering; home remedies such as cornmeal gruel, pot liquor, fevergrass, Jerusalem oat root, dog fennels, and others; the local doctor; planting by the signs; farm living and crafts; games; talks about her journal; Christmas songs such as "Up on the Housetop"; "Jolly Old St. Nicholas"; Christmas tree traditions; making kites with flour and water for glue; her father and working with him at the gristmill; changes in fashion when she was young; life during the Great Depression and afterwards; various jobs she held in a sewing factory and packaging/locker plant. C84-120: Donnie Gader begins by discussing her family history; talks about the cotton gin, gristmill, and shingle mill her family ran; milking cows and making butter; butchering and the community aspect of it; peanut boiling and the community aspect of it; learning music by ear; discusses her second husband's French/Minorcan heritage; datil peppers. C84-121: Donnie Gader discusses and sings songs such as "Frankie and Johnnie"; "After the Ball"; "Down at the Old Garden Gate"; "The Old Rusty Mill" [?]; singing in the cottonfields; racism in cotton picking; song about a bole weevil; talks about her father and family history [sounds as if she reads from her journal at times]; father's talents as a musician; sings songs he sang: "Love Lifted Me"; "What A Friend We Have in Jesus"; community "sings"; foods.

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