Interview with herbalist LaVerne Zipperer

Date: November 3, 1983

Source: S1576 , Container 13 , C84-60

Type: Sound

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  • One audio cassette. Side A Ms. Zipperer talks about her early childhood and things she learned; speaks of her children and two husbands; talks about getting 5 adopted children and 16 foster children for a total of 32 children; making a living to support the family by farming and public work; family property they live on; discusses various herbal remedies treating ailments such as infection, venereal disease, pneumonia, burns, colds; homemade shampoo; planting by the moon; talks about her parents' backgrounds; Indian and Spanish backgrounds in her family; family tradition of net making; husband taught her farming, she taught him net-making; talks about her grandmother's Indian herbal cures; strange cures. Side B Discusses natural cures further; discusses natural vs. non-natural childbirth; delivering 4 of her grandchildren; delivering animal babies; talks about making hoghead cheese.

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