Silver Springs boat drivers Willie Marsh and William Crowell

Date: March 9, 1984

Source: S1576 , Container 12 , C84-8, C84-9

Type: Sound

Download: MP3

Download: MP3


  • Two audio cassettes. C84-8: Side A Interview/talk with Willie Marsh and William Crowell as part of the Library Folklife Program; they discuss their childhood at Silver Springs as well as their work as guides at Silver Springs; driving boats at Silver Springs; tipping problems; stories told on boat tours (Bridal Chamber, Mammoth Rock Ledge, Main Spring, Catfish Reception Hall, Ladies' Parlor; Devil's Kitchen, Geysers; Florida Snowstorm, Blue Grotto, Backbone of Prehistoric Remains, Christmas Tree Grove, Boat used by Ponce De Leon, Catfish Hotel); commercialization damaging vegetation at Springs; visitor damage to the ecosystem of Springs. Side B They discuss glass-bottom boats; visitors who rode the glass-bottom boats; stories told; tipping gimmicks; experiences with snakes, boat breakdown, alligators. C84-9: Continuation of interview -- they discuss a row boat in the river; drowning of visitors on an excursion; traveling to New York to be on "What's My Line?"; seniority on the job; Tarzan; family members that worked at Silver Springs; music they learned from their parents; age and retirement; big boats on the river; drinking story and hunting story; different owners of Silver Springs; trip to Daytona Beach by horse and wagon.

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