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T84-111, T84-112, T84-113, T84-114, T84-115, T84-116, T84-117 (C84-108, C84-109, C84-110, C84-111)

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  • Eight reel to reels. (Copied onto audio cassettes C84-108 through C84-111 in S 1576). A long interview with Ethel Santiago, with Lena Osceola contributing at the start. They discuss the clan system, marriage, (T84-111) the Green Corn Dance, dugout canoes, ranching, medicine, parental roles, education, healing (T84-112), palmetto basket making, Harriet Bedell, Christianity, gender roles, reservation politics and government, (T84-113) Mikasuki language, cultural loss and retention, Big Cypress Reservation, foodways, bread, sofkee, (T84-114), air boats, tourism, cures, marriage, Green Corn Dance, ball games, Seminole religion and beliefs, (T84-115) animal tales, child rearing, pregnancy, twin stories, the effects of television (T84-116) and various Seminole stories/tales (T84-117). Much of the recordings are marred by background construction noise. The Seminole Video Project was a joint project between the Florida Folklife Program and WFSU-TV. Completed in Spring 1984, and financed by a Florida Endowment for the Humanities grant with the support of the Seminole Tribe of Florida, the project culminated in a thirty-minute documentary entitled "Four Corners of the Earth" which profiled Ethel Santiago, a Seminole craftswoman and Tribal representative. The program addressed such issues as cultural retention within contemporary society; the role of women in Seminole society; traditional Seminole foods, arts, and medicine; and the changing emphasis on clan affiliations. The project covered Seminoles on the Big Cypress and Hollywood Reservations and at Immokalee, Florida. Raw video footage, along with the finished product, can be found in S 1615, V84-16 through V-84-24. Images from the project can be found in S 1577, v. 23, slides S83-2994 - S83-3020.

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