Interview with Fred Williams

Date: April 16, 1983

Source: S1576 , Container 10 , C83-104, C83-105

Type: Sound

Download: MP3

Download: MP3


  • Two audio cassettes. C83-104: Williams, born in Sneads, Florida, in 1923, discusses being raised in a rural farming family in Jackson County, Florida; joining the Army and using his disabled veterans' pension to start his own farm; the character of his family; life during the "Hoover Days" of the Depression; the Wesleyan Church creating a sense of civic community; farming under President Roosevelt's government policies; serving in the military and being injured in Europe during World War Two; being disabled; family sayings; and sacred harp singing in northern Alabama. In addition, he also talks about hog killing, smoking meat, mule plowing and other routines on the farm. C83-105: Williams talks about making homemade brooms; giving homemade brooms and bonnets to the elderly; the proliferation of modern technology; physical and mental challenges involved in farming; attending church revivals and going fishing in the summertime; training mules; and serenadings, weddings, and cane grindings. In addition, he remarks upon black quartet singing, his marriage, his political career and political outlook, and his religious views, including his outlook on the bible, Israel, and his favorable regard for Jews.

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