Reproductions of Florida-related recordings from the Library of Congress

Date: 1949

Source: S1576 , T86-227, T86-228, T86-229, T86-230, T86-231, T86-232, T86-233

Type: Sound

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  • Seven reel to reels. The originals are housed at the Library of Congress (LOC). These copies were made in 1986, when staff from the Florida Folklife Program visited the LOC to duplicate its Florida-related WPA recordings. These recordings range in time from the late 1940s through the 1970s, and were created out of several projects.

    T86-227: 1949. Recordings made by Dr. Alton Morris in Jacksonville and Panama City (AFS 9915); 1962. Unidentified various made by Thelma Boltin (AFS 13,992-14,021); 1963. Recordings of Cora McKinney made by Thelma Boltin (AFS 13,992-14,021); 1971. Recordings of Stewart Jones nade by Thelma Boltin (AFS 18,091)

    T86-228: 1954 recording of Harry Jumper performing Seminole stories and songs; recorded by Peelle in Polk County;

    T86-229 - T86-232: Recordings created by Pinkston for his 1975 PhD dissertation on rural African American religious practices; completed at the University of Miami.

    T86-232 (second half) and T86-233: Recordings from the American Folklife Center's Georgia Folklife Project, done in 1979 by folklorist Adler. For detailed information on the recordings, see the indexes in S 1579, box 3.

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