John and Ruby Lomax's Southern States Recording Trip Recordings (1939: Raiford and Newberry, Fla.)

Date: June 1, 1939

Source: S1576 , T86-241

Type: Sound

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  • Dying Cowboy (Griffin)
  • Calling Chickens (Griffin)
  • It Rains and It Hails (Griffin)
  • My Mule and Me (Griffin)
  • This is the Seven Fox (Griffin)
  • Walls of Jericho (Griffin)
  • Cambric Shirt (Griffin)
  • Ducks in the Pond (Griffin)
  • I Want to Moan Right On Dat Shore (Brown/Richardson/Howard/Perkins)
  • Home on the Range (Richardson)
  • Hiking Jerry (Dawson Johnson/Reid)
  • I Heard What You Said About Me (Reid)
  • Oh, Ye Prodigal Son (Brown/Richardson/Howard/Perkins)
  • De Funiak Blues (Burrus Johnson)
  • When I Was a Little Boy (Reid)
  • Clever Glenn Carver (Reid)

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  • One reel to reel. (Copied onto audio cassette C90-35/36 in S 1576). These recordings were created during John and Ruby Lomax's 1939 recording trip through the South. Touring eleven states, the husband and wife team gathered material for the Library of Congress's Archive of the American Folk Song (today the Archive of Folk Culture in the American Folklife Center). They were not working for the WPA at the time, as is sometimes thought; but they visited two of the same sites the recorded at during their 1936-1937 WPA trip to Florida. In these recordings the Lomaxes visited the Florida State Prison at Raiford in Union County (June 2-5); and Mrs. Griffin's home in Newberry (June 1). They recorded a total of 63 songs on acetate discs (the entire trip netted a full 267 discs, with over 600 titles). See the online exhibit for more about that 1939 expedition at (Also see other the reels of the 1939 trip: T86-242/243/223). In S 1579, box 3, there are copies of the original LOC indexes. In 1986, the FFP staff made copies of many of these recordings onto reel to reels for inclusion to the Florida Folklife Archive. The originals are still housed with the Library of Congress.

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