Florida Sands: Stories and songs by Will McLean






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C79-85 - C79-86

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  • Florida Sand (C79-85, Side 1)
  • Blounts Fort
  • Story about grandfather
  • Tortugas
  • Ballad of Silver Springs
  • Red Tide
  • Church pranks story
  • Abraham Washington
  • Gopher John
  • Frog Smith story
  • Acre Foot Johnson story
  • Acre Foot Johnson (C79-85, Side 2)
  • Florida mills story
  • 1928 hurricane story
  • Hold Back the Waters
  • Don Juan Seminole story
  • There Is a Wild Hog in the Valley
  • Tates Hell
  • Osceola
  • Cush Holston
  • The Billy Goat story
  • Land of Gold (C79-86, Side 1)
  • African American Church story
  • Convict Work Law story
  • Insurance story
  • Snake story
  • Away O-ee

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  • Two audio cassettes. McLean performs several of his songs, and explains the stories behind them. Many of his compositions dealt with Florida history and culture.

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