Music performance by Larry and Martha Older

Date: March 1977

Source: S1576 , Container 1 , C77-23

Type: Sound

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Genre or Occupation

Title of Work

  • Festival Lumberjack (Side 1)
  • Bell of Long Lake
  • A Tongue Twister
  • The Anchor Bite
  • King of Fairies
  • The Rights of Man
  • Balbon Hills March
  • Balbon Hills Lament
  • Farewell to Old Ban
  • Lord Love Us Lament
  • Scottish Keel Roll Lament
  • Bleutuque
  • Drowsy Maggie
  • Bicentennial Reel
  • Aisciana
  • The Slab Shanny Spring
  • Arkansas Traveler (Side 2)
  • Rueben, Rueben
  • Sailing in the Boat When the Tide Runs High
  • Balkan Hills March
  • Alexanders Hornpipe
  • The Little Fair Child
  • Bonnie Kate
  • Donald MacLean Farewell to Oban
  • Soldiers Joy
  • Niskayuna
  • Light and Airy
  • Bicentennial Reel Peek-a-Boo Waltz
  • Tuggermans Jig
  • Arran Air
  • Bold Deserter
  • Paddies for Evermore
  • Young Tim Murphy
  • Morning Fair
  • Fishers Hornpipe
  • Harvest Home Hornpipe
  • Balkan Hills Lament

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