Beyond Disaster

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  • 1972

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  • 28:30; color; sound; DA021, S. 828


  • This film begins with re-creation of the 1928 hurricane that tore apart the west coast of south Florida and killed over 2,000 people. It continues with details on the development of flood control measures as drought, fires, and agriculture became problems in water control. It shows the head of the Flood Control District justifying measures taken and programs underway. Viewers see lab work, fieldwork, water hyacinth research, and the planting of mangrove seedlings by dropping them from a helicopter. The film tells how careful the Flood Control District is in what it does. It shows their computer system and how efficient it will be. Viewers also see cloud seeding by the federal government. Produced by Key Productions; sponsored by Central and Southern Florida Flood Control District.

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