Wakulla Springs & WWII Troop Maneuvers

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  • 1940s

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  • 16:39; color; silent; V-158 WV-4


  • In this film, Army troops practice swamp slogging through cypress swamp, make a human chain across the river, crawl on their bellies, and use weeds and Spanish moss for camouflage. The film shows troops firing machine guns, sniping from trees and swimming assault across the river. There are smoke screens and explosions on the water as the troops hit the shore. There are more shots of the machine gun team on shore, followed by scenes of the troops swimming with bamboo poles as floats. Troops with guns and helmets practice ducking under on cue as they swim across the river. They float gear across using tent canvas and poles for rafts. An amphibious vehicle tows troops in the water. Soldiers jump from a tower, swim through flames on the water, set off smoke bombs and swim through more flames. Next, they practice jumping from the deck of a rusty derelict ship (possibly at Carrabelle). The action then moves back to Wakulla for soldiers posing in camouflage uniforms and more wading across the river.

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