Neptune Resort Motel, Miami Beach, Florida.

Neptune Resort Motel, Miami Beach, Florida.

Published Date

  • ca. 1961

Geographic Term

  • Miami Beach.


Fun for All!
American Express
The Diners Club
Triple A
Air Conditioned and Heated
Free Ice Cubes
Neptune Resort Motel
Free Entertainment Program
Cocktail Party
Swimming Contest
Pizza Party
Wiener Roast
Shuffleboard Contest
Indoor Playroom
Baby Sitters Available
$2.50 Bedrooms
Daily Per Person
Double Occupancy
30 or 102 Rooms
$3.50 Daily Per Person
Free TV in all Rooms
These Are Guaranteed Rates
Olympic & Kiddie Pools - Private Beach
Free Parking right at your door
Near Shopping Centre
Supervised Childrens' Facilities
Why not phone us from your next stop and reserve your room now.
Phone Wilson 7-3491
Our extra large rooms can accommodate up to four persons comfortably
Free Beach Chairs
Ample Free Parking
160th St. On the Ocean
Miami Beach, Florida - Phone Wilson 7-3491
Informal, dress as you please at all times, in the Beautiful New Neptune Motel.
A perfect Setting for a perfect vacation. - Owner-Management.