Central Park Hotel, Madison, Florida.

Central Park Hotel, Madison, Florida.

Published Date

  • ca. 1880

Geographic Term

  • Madison.


Central Park Hotel.
Under New Management.
Madison, Florida.
Now open the year around
Is located in one of the loveliest rural towns in the State. Its
charming location is a gentle eminence or plateau of about one
mile square, which gradually slopes or declines to the borders
of a chain of clear water lakes by which it is surrounded and embowered
in a grove of gigantic Live Oaks, neath the evergreen foliage of
which neat cottages snugly nestle and fine residence calmly repose in
a profusion of flowers. The Central Park is unsurpassed in
its arrangements for the comfort of its guests; such as electric bells,
elegant parlors and sunny rooms, rooms en suite or single, wide piazzas.
Excellent livery. Entirely free from malaria. Good Water. Capital
hunting and fishing within easy distance in every direction; and above
all, only a few miles from "Way Down Upon the Suwanee River."
Apply by mail or telegraph to
Gage & Thomas, Proprietors,
Madison, Florida