Florida hunters.

Florida hunters.

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  • published 1960


Florida Hunters

You can Hunt
14 Types
of Game Animals
in Florida

Deer Turkey
Quail Squirrel
Marsh Hen Bear
Dove Woodcock
Geese Ducks
Snipe Coot
Rabbit Wild Hogs
With One Hunting License

$2.00- Resident County
$4.50- Resident, other than home county
$7.50- Resident, Statewide
$11.50- Non-resident, 10-day continuous
$11.50- Non-Resident County, Owner & Taxpayer, 3,000 Acres
$26.50- Non-Resident, Statewide
$10.00- Guiding Hunting Parties $50.00-Alien Hunters
(Duck Stamp required with license for Ducks and Geese)

Buy Your License Now
From any county judge or authorized agent
Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission

Offices Located in
Tallahassee * Panama City * Lake City * Ocala * Lakeland * West Palm Beach