Tampa Stud Farms - Blushing Bull's First Foals

Tampa Stud Farms - Blushing Bull's First Foals


Blushing Bull's
First Foals
Are Now 2 Years Old

His First Crop Consists of
Three Fillies

By March 31, 1969
1. All three had started
2. Out of four starts:
Miss Blushing 1st and 3rd
Blushing Queen 4th
Blushing Denise 5th

The Boss

Not Bad!
First Crop - All Starters!
Tampa Stud Farms, Inc.

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Phones (813) 446-6315 or 784-1373
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State Library of Florida: Florida Collection, BR0195


Stud services of Blushing Bull, a thoroughbred stallion -- ''Blushing Bull's first foals are now 2 years old -- his first crop consists of three fillies; by March 31, 1969 all three had started. Not bad! First crop-all starters.''