Advertisement by Dr. G.R. Clements for land for avocado and mango production near Sebring

Advertisement by Dr. G.R. Clements for land for avocado and mango production near Sebring


Health Foods ... Economic Security Scientists agree that the tropics is man's natural home. "In a climate of eternal spring, where snow and ice were unknown, man lived for thousands of years, and the tropical (fruit) forest furnished all the necessities of life in abundance". (Carque, p. 173) This fact constrains Science to assert that man's natural diet consists of laxative tropical fruits, For they contain specific elements of nutrition that insure bowel vigor and aperient action, which promote health and prolong life. But they must be eaten ripe from the tree; for when picked green for shipment North, as is the practice, they do not possess these vital qualities and elements. DISEASE- Eminent physiologists show the modern diet of constipating grains, cereals, legumes, tubers and meat clogs the life-channels and builds disease. They show this diet is unnatural, artificial and disease-producing. Facts and experience prove it. Highway to Health- Plant a grove of tropical fruits in South Florida that supplies Health Foods and Economic Security. This wonderful region will some day be a millionaire's paradise, with poor people barred by high property prices. Don't delay. 30 Acres smooth land near Lake for $900 cash or terms. 25 Acres level lake front, 5-room house, garage, well, only $3500 cash or terms. Other tracts from 10 acres up at bargain prices. Don't delay. "He Who Hesitates is Lost." Gain healthy, long life and Economic Security by planting a tropical grove of pineapples, papayas, avocados, mangos, oranges, limes, coconuts. Dr. G.R. Clements Box 366, Sebring, Florida P.S. We have seen no town in south Florida with so many avo- cado and mango trees growing in yards and along sidewalks as in Sebring. Sebring and the region south seem favorably for tropical fruits.


State Library of Florida: Florida Collection, BR0141


G.R. Clements promotes lands for sale in South Florida for farming tropical fruits (papayas, avocados, pineapples, mangos, oranges, limes, coconuts) for healthy living and economic profit.