Avocados make big money.

Avocados make big money.

Published Date

  • ca. 1922

Geographic Term

  • Sebring, Highlands County.


Avocados Make Big Money

"Mr. Krome is convinced from his observations that future work
with avocados must include thinning, whenever this tendency to overbear
appears. He has taken 32 crates of fruit from one tree. From Jan. 15 to
March he had no sale of avocados in New York under $32.50 a crate; and
frequently they brought $40 a crate." - Avocado in Florida, Country
Gentleman, Apr. 29, 1922.

"According to these figures, 32 crates brought about $1,000 per tree.
Basing estimates on individual trees, an acre.... will produce at least
30,000 pounds a year. At a price of even 20c a pound, this means a gross
income of $6,000 an acre." (Carque, p. 201)

"Twenty miles form Miami one of the finest avocado groves in
Florida, the property of W.A. Krome, ... sold for subdivision purposes for
$800,000 after he had resisted temptations to dispose of the result of his
life's work at lower figures" (Florida in the Making, p. 200)
Good wheat runs at 30 bu. an acre, and $1 a bu. is a good price.
Such land usually sells at $100 an acre. Virgin land in Florida where
avocados grow sells at $50 an acre. If it sold as high as wheat land, based on
returns, it would bring $10,000 an acre. Some day it will.

Avocados Are Wonderful Food

High prices due to scarcity make the fruit prohibitive to the masses.
Trees bear in about 4 years. The marvelous Papaya may be grown between
the trees while waiting. Why grind your life away in Wage Slavery in the
land of ice and snow? Gain economic independence in 5 or 6 years in
Tropical Florida by growing avocados and papayas.

30 Acres smooth prairie land near lake
Only $900.
Big reduction in price on 80 to 160 acres.

Dr. G. R. Clements

Box 366, Sebring, Florida