Frankly friend inquirer

Frankly friend inquirer

Published Date

  • published 1940

Geographic Term

  • Tampa.


  • ''I'd like to hear from you again if you are still interested in Manufacturing ... I'm revising my Mailing Lists and unless I hear from you now your name will be taken from my file as one not interested .... Absolutely accurate, Manufacturers Laboratory Scale. ... I supply this scale neatly packed in a heavy fibre board box and case securely wrapped, safe delivery guaranteed, Express pre-paid for $5.00.''


"Friend Inquirer"
I'd like to hear from you again if you are still inter-
ested in Manufacturing. I don't want to
bother you further with my offerings if you are Not.
You've never written me again during all this time
I've been mailing you new propositions in all lines
of Specialty Manufacturing. I'm revising my Mail-
ing Lists and unless I hear from you now Your
Name Will be Taken From my File as
One Not Interested. So if these pieces of
printed matter enclosed do not interest you Please
hand them to some friend or relative who desires
to start something worth while. I've tried to interest
you in a line of products that are making money for
others-and now I ask you to me this favor-a
great favor to me. Thank You.
H. Liscomb Miller
Headquarters for the BEST Formula for Specialty
Manufacturers for 27 years
Miller-Spellman Building
Tampa, Florida
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