Advertisement for Tydings' Turpentine Man's Remedy

Advertisement for Tydings' Turpentine Man's Remedy


Be Sure you get the Original
"Turpentine Man's"
(Trade Mark Registered)
Look for our name on the bottle
Special Directions for taking Tydings' "Turpentine Man's" Remedy
Take one small teaspoonful in half glass of water just after each meal. Take a laxative every three or four
mornings, or take Tydings' Blossoms at bed time or as needed.
Eat and drink what you please.
For Females - Take as above and use Tydings' Antiseptic Wash. Price 65c per bottle
Price of Tydings' "Turpentine Man's Remedy
$1.50 for One Bottle and we pay Parcel Post
$3.00 for Two Bottles and we
pay Parcel Post or Express
If your Druggist or Merchant don't supply you,[sic] order at once from us.
Tydings & Company
P.O. Box 738
Ocala, Florida
Also Manufacturers of
Terkeeween Oil Nerve and Bone Liniment. - 50 Cents
For External and Internal Use.
Red R Prescription
Internal for Man or Woman
Price 65 Cents
Black R Prescription
Antiseptic for Men
Price 50 Cents
Tydings' Antiseptic Wash
For Women - Price 65 Cents
Our Special Preparations listed on Other Side No Goods Shipped C.O.D.


State Library of Florida: Florida Collection, BR0216


Advertisement for Tydings' Turpentine Man's Remedy and a host of other patent medicines. The order blank on the reverse lists these products, including Tydings' Blossoms, Tydings' Special Purgative, Tydings' Healing Calomel Powders, Tydings' Terkeeween Oil, and Tydings' Pink Manhood Tablets, among others.