Fort Myers you are my home.

Fort Myers you are my home.

Published Date

  • ca. 1944

Geographic Term

  • Fort Myers.


  • A poetical account of the qualities, beauty and potential of Fort Myers, Florida by Don W. Wilkie, Secretary Chamber of Commerce.


Fort Myers
You Are My Home

Flowering Florida; ocean-edged, lake dotted and
sunshine soaked; breezed and fanned with water
cooled winds fresh from their play-ground o'er Gulf
and ocean; with no mountain range to halt and hold
rain laden clouds, humidity is gone - banished it seems
by the foresight of Nature's intention. Eons ago was
a dirge chanted at the funeral of chill and cheerless

Four hundred miles further south than San Diego
and yet no farther east than Cleveland, snuggling next
the edge of Caloosahatchee's rippling waters; a short
ride from the opalescence of the Gulf, is my home -
Fort Myers. Nearby lie the beaches that are your set-
ting, sloping borders of a shell-sand fringe- pounded
to powder by the ceaseless waves of centuries of Time.
O'erhead a deep blue Heaven, specked with fluffy
clouds driven by the never failing winds of the semi-
tropic trades; an ethereal arch, as a roof for my home,
dipping to the west to sink into the myriad colored
waters of the gulf- to the east ending in the vast Be-
yond of the great Atlantic.

A gem-city, rich in a thousand ways - fascinating to
the eye; peopled with men and women, home build-
ers and home keepers, by the manner of their birth;
clean, well planned and managed, graced with
Natures greatest gifts of soil, air water and vegetation.
A thriving bustling place wrapt in the healthy fever of
rapidly acquired wealth, yet ever awake to the needs
of a safe and sane future. Surrounded by mar-
velous back country - in places muck- the rotted fall
of vegetable growth of centuries; muck equal to
that of the fertile valley of the Nile.

Road barred, you have been for years, to the eager,
pleasure seeking pilgrim of America but now within
reach; now shall the northern hordes worn by weary
winters and battles of big business, seek out the glories
of which they've heard - to revel in them. Rumor of
your worth and beauty spreads fast among people of
wealth and leisure. Thousands have come, hundreds
have stayed and other thousands left but to return
again. God hid you within what once was an impass-
able terrain that the achievement of your finding might
be the greater.

But Man came - sturdy leather-handed pioneers
with purpose; they came and saw a future, built homes
and reared families; hewing and filling, grading the
long smooth ribbons of road that have opened the
treasure trove to the eager eyes of a waiting
world. And the world has come in throngs - and
will continue coming - settling here to delight in your
glories - to grow still further with you. Some will spend
the fortunes won in the stress and battle of business
in other parts. Still others, farming the rich loamy
lands shall take from out the soft soil-pad that tops
your base of rock and coral the wealth of thriving

Your future is assured, your value known. And
by the manner of your building you shall be judged.
And, soundly built and sanely planned, you shall
rise ever higher into your own place in the sun. Fort
Myers, where Nature's work is finished, but where
Man's has just begun - you are My Home.

Don W. Wilkie, Secretary
Chamber of Commerce