Orange City Immigration Society's advertisement for land in Volusia County, circa 1878

Orange City Immigration Society's advertisement for land in Volusia County, circa 1878


Orange City Volusia County on the St. Johns River Not Orange Park. H. H. Deyarman, President. J.S. Borland, Secretary. J.F. Allen, Treasurer This Company is now organized; its purpose is not specu- lative, but economy to the purchaser. Their object is to bring about the rapid settlement of the section in which are their homes, and with which all their future prospects are connected. The attention of land-buyers, emigrants and those desiring "Winter Homes in Florida" is especially called to this beautiful, healthful and fertile section of the State, which lies 100 feet above the St Johns river. Lands high and rolling. Quality of pine lands second only to the best hammock lands in the State. Lands are the very best for agricultural and horti- cultural purposes; also, The Best Orange Lands in the State and being generally free from frost, this is a very desirable situa- tion, free from scrub and palmetto, perfectly healthy and water good. We have on Hotel, six Boarding Houses, Store, Post Office, Saw and Planning Mill in full operation, and one of the Best Schools in the State. We offer a few choice parcels of land in a thickly settled community of good Northern and Southern people, situated one and one-half miles from the famous "Blue Spring" on the St. Johns river and five miles from Enterprise county seat of Vo- lusia; also, seven miles from Sanford and Mellonville. For particular address Kelsey & Wellington, No. 39 West Bay Street, (Room No. 1,) Jacksonville, Fla. 1 1-2 miles from the Famous "Blue Spring." Immigration Society Wellington, Printer, P.O. Box 59 [left perimeter headline] No Settlement in Florida has heretofore made such rapid progress. [right perimeter headline] Correspondence solicited and prompt attention paid to all inquiries.


State Library of Florida: Florida Collection, BR0210


Advertisement from the Orange City Immigration Society for land in Volusia County. The document describes the physical features of the landscape and improvements made to the community. The land for sale was located within 2 miles of "Blue Spring" and near the St. Johns River.