Advertisement for land offered by the St. Andrews Bay Railroad & Land Company

Advertisement for land offered by the St. Andrews Bay Railroad & Land Company


St. Andrews Bay Railroad & Land Company,
227 Main Street - Cincinnati

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It will be suggested to the reader's mind, after reading the great offer
contained in this circular letter, that this Company must be moved
by a very strong incentive to have brought about such an apparent
spirit of liberality.

We desire to arouse such an interest in the minds of the public in
different communities as will induce a consideration of the merits of St.
Andrews Bay, Fla., as a most desirable location for a Florida home.
Travel the whole country over and investigate every part of Florida itself
and you will not find so complete & consolidation of all that goes to make
up a perfect earthly abiding place as is furnished at St. Andrews Bay -
lovely St. Andrews by the sea. By reading the accompanying illustrated
pamphlet you will find considerable information regarding location,
climate, etc., but it is beyond the descriptive ability of any writer to
place on paper in cold ink and realizing picture of the physical delights
which awaits the visitor from the Northland to St. Andrews Bay. Even
Florid itself with her many delightful points to visit, will have failed
to yield the fullest measure of balmy comfort and perfect physical enjoyment
if the visitor to her enchanted precincts is not guided by some
means to within the environs of what should be called

The Florida of Florida.

What Florida is to other portion St. Andrews Bay
is to Florida. The very perfection of all that goes to make up for
Florida her many peculiar advantages has been lavished upon St. Andrews
Bay by the prodigal band of Dame Nature in an effort to crown
her own work with the perfection of earthly beauty.

The material growth of St. Andrews since this Company began the
work of directing public attention there is remarkable. On page 10 of
the accompanying pamphlet is given a statement on this point, and the
results since the pamphlet was printed have been even more satisfactory.
It is owing to the magnificent success already achieve that this
Company has determined on its present business policy - that of giving
away a large portion of its lands in order to increase the value of what
is left. St. Andrews has got beyond being a problematical success-her
success is now an assured and accomplished fact. Six months ago her
natural advantages were the only claims to present to the public; to-day
this Company can point to such a success in the way of development of
these natural advantages that the whole state cannot produce an
equal. Hand in hand with the sale of its lands, this Company has devoted
a large portion of its revenues to the improvements of not only its
own property but that of its patrons. Miles of streets have been opened,
clearing of property has been vigorously prosecuted, docks built, hotel
erected and added to from time to time; educational facilities furnished;
business enterprises of all kinds assisted and immigration fostered.
This example has encouraged the same effort on the part of those who
have cost their lot at St. Andrews Bay. Property has increased in value
to a fabulous extent as compared with prices originally paid. A plat of
about seven acres of ground reserved by this Company for large hotel
proposes, on which it is intended shall be erected one of the finest and
largest hotels in Florida, has been sought by speculators for other purposes
at prices ranging from $6,000 to $10,000. Lots are selling at the
Bay at prices ranging from 500 to 6,000 per cent, above original cost.
The following letter from P.C. Lane, Esq., of Mt. Vernon, Ohio, will
illustrate how prices are advanced and obtained by private individuals:

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Having accomplished the primary object-that of establishing an in-
creased value on it processions at St. Andrews Bay-the Company will
from this time on endeavor to still further increase that value. It owns and
controls a large and very valuable property around about St. Andrew's
Bay, which land has so increased in value that one acre to-day is worth
what twenty would have sold for two years ago. The ratio of increase will
continue in proportion to the enlargement of individual interests at the
Bay. Every new purchaser is a factor that goes to increase the value of

[right column]

all property at that point. Recognizing this fact at its fullest worth, this
Company is actuated only by selfish business motives when it endeavors
by every legitimate means to secure a largely diversified ownership
of its property. It is not the amount we receive for the land we well
that yields the greatest profit-it is the increased value secured for that
which is left. If by giving away one of two lots we more than double the
value of the remaining lot, this company has made money by its apparent
liberally. On this principle is predicted the reasons for the
course now being pursued by this Company-that of giving away a
large amount of its lands for the sake of increasing the value of that
which is left. The benefit and increased value will affect not only that
portion which is reserved, but will also attach to that which is given
away. In short, the offers herels made are mutually advantageous to
the public and to this Company.

Now, please observe carefully, so that no misunderstanding shall
arise, the following proposition:

The Company Will Give Away
in one order

Ninety 25x102 foot building lots,
Nine 50x102 foot building lots,
One 2 1/2 acre orchard tract,
on the following conditions
The regular price since March 1st for such lots and tract is $5 each
for the 90 lots, $450; $8 each for the 9 lots, $72, and $50 for the Orchard
Tract, making $572 in all. (See price list in pamphlet.) Heretofore
a charge of $1.40 for each deed has been made on all sales amounting to
less than $10, but in this case we will charge nothing for the land,
nothing for the deeds, and

Only 40 Cents Notary Fee for Each Deed.

Forty cents is the legal fee charged by Notary Publics in Hamilton
County for acknowledging deeds and affixing official seal. This
amount is a direct legal expense on each deed that cannot be avoided.
Our own officers draw the deeds, but to make them legal and a perfect
Warranty they must be acknowledged before a Notary Public, and his
charge is forty cents for each deed. Therefore we will require that such
legal fee be paid by those who receive the deeds. Aside from this fee
there will be absolutely no charge for the lots and tracts disposed of by
this Company under this great free offer.

Now observe: In this offer there are ninety $6 lots, nine $8 lots,
and one $50 Orchard Tracts, all offered for the same fee of 40 cents in
each case. Manifestly the $50 tract is more desirable than an $8 lot,
and each of the nine $8 lots more desirable than a $5 lot. But we make
no difference in charge; only we make a condition that you must order
them all. You cannot select the $50 tract and not take the cheaper lots.
You can, however, take a $5 lot alone, or any number of them; but in
order to secure the fullest benefit you must take the entire offer. Let
us suggest a method by which you can secure for yourself and your
friends the benefits of this great free offer. Organize a

Local St. Andrews Bay Colony

In your neighborhood. Get a number of your friends to join you; let
each contribute his share, and this Company will make the deeds in
such manner as you may direct. Decide among yourselves which one-
of your number shall receive the $50 tract, which the nine $8 lots, and
which the $5 lots; or you can take the whole amount yourself.

A Separate Deed is Made for Each Lot,

And whether the deed is for a $5 lot or an Orchard Tract, the only cost
will be 40 cents Notary fee for each deed, or $40 for the 100 deeds.
Until further notice this extraordinary offer will hold good. It will
be in force as long as this Company feels that it is not making a

Great care should be taken to give proper and correct instructions
how to make out deeds. Give full name in every case and write very
plainly. Avoid flourishes, and make each letter distinctly. We cannot
afford to correct deeds without charge where a mistake in writing name
is the fault of carelessness on the part of the one who orders it.


Address The St. Andrews Bay Railroad & Land Co.
By Order of Board of Directors. 227 Main Street, Cincinnati, Ohio.


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Description of land of St. Andrew's Bay and surrounding county. Terms. Company address: 227 Main Street, Cincinnati, Ohio.