Valuable lands for sale.

Valuable lands for sale.

Published Date

  • ca. 1870

Geographic Term

  • Lake Monroe.


Lands for Sale.
12,000 Acres of Valuable Fruit, Timber
And Agricultural Lands, situated upon
the waters of the St. John's River in East
Florida, is now offered for sale at the
very low price of three dollars per acre.

This portion of Florida contains all the elements necessary to become, by a proper application
of industry, the land of happiness, prosperity and wealth. In point of health, it is not surpassed
by any country in the known world; there is none more inviting to capital and enterprise,
or promises more remunerative results in any portion of the Southern States. Upon these
lands the agriculturist may raise Sea Island Cotton of the finest texture and of the largest yield,
as well as Corn, Cane, Rice, Potatoes and tobacco, in abundance, with all the conveniences of a
river, navigable for Steamboats at all seasons of the year. Oranges grow here to the greatest
perfection and in abundance, and of the finest quality - not excelled in flavor by the best grown
in the West Indies. There is situated near this tract of land one of the largest and most profitable
Orange Groves in the State, showing that a profit of one or two thousand dollars may be
derived per acre from the Orange alone. Here forests, boundless in extent, afford the finest
pasturage for horses, hogs and cattle, which roam at large and require but little attention, and
yield a large profit. There is an abundance of wild game, and the river and adjacent lakes furnish
an inexhaustible supply of fish. There is timber enough upon the land to pay twice the
price asked for it.
This tract borders upon Lake Monroe, at the head of steamboat navigation, which constitutes
a part of St. John's river, and upon which at no distant day there must spring into existence a
town of considerable importance as an outlet for the immense back country, which is fertile,
and fast filling up with an industrious and enterprising population.
This tract is well situated on the west side of Lake Monroe, and capable of sustaining a population
of three thousand or four thousand persons.
Emigration from the North or Europe will be welcomed by the people of Florida. All are
desirous of settling and re-establishing the former prosperity of the State.
With the resources of the upper St. Johns, developed by a comparatively small amount of
labor, it would be no extravagant prediction to say, ere many years have passed, the whitened
sails of industrious commerce will dot the blue waters of that beautiful river from its source to
its mouth. And there is no place in all the South where capital vested in agricultural pursuits
may reap a larger reward.
Joseph Finegan,
Fernandina, Fla.