School charity.

School charity.

Published Date

  • published 1848

Geographic Term

  • Tallahassee.


School Charity
The Court of Equity in Leon County, has taken under its
care and control a fund which the undersigned, as Master in
Chancery, is directed to lend for the term of five years at 8
per cent. interest, payable half yearly, secured by bond and
mortgage on real estate; and he is now ready to receive ap-
plications for that purpose.
He is also directed "to appropriate the interest arising from
this fund to the education of poor and indigent children resi-
ding within the limits of the city of Tallahassee." He there-
fore desires to be informed, without delay, of all the children
entitled to the benefits of this charity; and of the terms &c.
upon which teachers are willing to receive and instruct them.
On Saturday the 1st day of July he will attend at the Court House to close contracts for school-
ing, &c., to the end of the year, and wishes teachers interested, and the children with their parents or guar-
dians to meet him there at 11 o'clock in the morning.
B.F. Whitner,
Tallahassee, 16th June, 1848 Master in Chancery.