The Sau-Ah-Brah Bureau of Oriental Entertainment at the Florida Chautauqua

The Sau-Ah-Brah Bureau of Oriental Entertainment at the Florida Chautauqua


At the Florida Chautauqua, Lake de Funiak, Fla. February 12th, 13th & 14th, 1885, at 8 P.M. Parties desiring these novel entertainments may address J.F Douthitt, 237 W. 39th St., N.Y. City. Part First. First Night. "India's Coral Strand." Empurpled for Ages in Sublime Tradition! Unveiled in its every feature and amusing detail! A New Kind of Entertainment The Latest Invention is the [?] Sauahbrah Oriental Entertainments. This fluent and scholarly Burmese, Impersonates men and women and children in every order of society as they appear in the Orient. He has all the Household Goods suited to a well regulated East India Home in its every Department, also the goods for the Oriental Temple, for Burying and Embalming and the Marriage Feast, etc.; these he uses in decorating the stage, making up scenes, and by way of natural life- like, Practical Illustrations. The subject matter of these entertainments has been collected by years of extensive travel and life with his kindred. Saushbrah, being fresh from the jungles and bam- boo homes, without any preconceived prejudice, and being a highly educated [?] with an elaborate Oriental outfit can portray the habits of his kindred, can illustrate profusely the people and their homes, and can im- personate the every character, the rich and the poor, the male and female, and the high and low estates, in their respective costumes, exactly as seen in the Orient today. Programme Impersonations. 1-King, Nobleman and Lord. 5--The Burmese Bride and Groom 2-Yeoman, Burmese Lass and Karen Belle. 6-Fakir and Gaudama Priesthood 3-School Teacher and Scholars. 7-The Frantic Burial Charter. 4-The Buddhist in Search of Rest. 8-The Hideous Funeral Dancer Oriental Descriptions. 1-Eating. 5-How the Burmese Woo and Win their Wives 2-Sleeping. 6-How they got Married. 3-Dressing. 7-How they Bury and Embalm 4-Jungle Life and Childhood's hours. 8-Transmigration of the Soul. Songs of the Orient 1-Evening Lullaby. 4-The Ditty of the little Easy India Girl. 2-Wedding Carol. 5-Gundamas' Evening Hymn 3-The Burmese "Home, Sweet Home." 6-The Frantic Funeral Chant. J.F. Douthitt, 237 W. 39th St. N.Y.


State Library of Florida: Florida Collection, BR0135B


This is a two part advertisement for the Florida Chautauqua at DeFuniak Springs (Feb. 12-14, 1885 at 8 p.m.). The first sheet (Side A) is the announcement of the entire change of program for the 3 nights. Sides B and C have a more complete description of the new kind of entertainment to be presented, known as the Sauahbrah Oriental Entertainments.