Broadside announcing lectures on temperance and astronomy, and a chromatrope at Hopeful Church in Lake City

Broadside announcing lectures on temperance and astronomy, and a chromatrope at Hopeful Church in Lake City


Lecture on Astronomy!
The whole planetary system in motion demonstrating the
wonders of God's Great Universe!
Infidelity Refuted and the faith of the Christian Strengthened by a Knowledge
of the Heavenly Bodies, and all Made to Exclaim with the Psalmist, "The
Heavens Declare the Glory of God and the Firmament Showeth His Handiwork."
The following propositions will be demonstrated and illustrated by scientific astronomical view1st.
The solar system showing the revolution of the planets with their satellite around the Sun.
2nd. The Earths annual motion around the Sun, thus producing the seasons.
3rd The cause of Spring and Neap Tides, and the Moon's phases during it - revolutions.
4th The apparent direct and retrograde notion of Venus or mercury, also its stationary appearance.
5th The Earths rotundity proved by a ship sailing around the globe.
6th The diurnal motion of the Earth, showing the rising and setting of the Sun, illustrating the cause of
day and
night by the Earths rotation upon its axis.
7th The annual motion of the Earth around the Sun, with the monthly lunations of the Moon.
8th The various eclipses of the Sun with the transit of Venus.
9th A telescopic appearance of the Sun.
10th The various eclipses of the Moon.
11th A telescopic appearance of the Moon etc., etc., tec.


Also the Thrilling and Impressive Temperance Story of the
Drunkard's Progress and End.
The happy home, the temptation, the successive downward course to poverty and want, vice
murder, ending in that death which precedes the eternal death, at
Hopeful Church on Tuesday Evening Nov, 21 1882
Admission 25c Children under 12 years 15
There will also be given, at the same time and place, a
grand fine art exhibition.
Illustrating what is Beautiful in Design, Wonderful in Art, Memorable in History and Sublime
in Nature, which will be free to all who attend the Lecture. The following are only a few of the
many gems of art that will be on exhibition:
Garfield: His Inauguration and Assassination, and the Nation's last Sad Honor to the Immortal Dread
Guiteau: His dastardly deed and miserable end.
Magnificent Public Buildings in the great cities of America and Europe, Westminster Abbey interior
and exterior Queen Victoria's Throne, Buckingham Palace, Statue of the Queen, New Post Office
Broadway N.Y.
etc., etc., etc.
Spanish Inquisition, Chamber of Torture, Implements of Torture, Stocks, etc., etc., etc.
Niagara Falls and Suspension Bridge, Minnehaha Falls in Winter, Bay of Naples and M., Vesuvius etc.,

Splendid Statuary from the famous Galleries of Europe, "simply to they 'Cross I Cling," Family
Ariadne and the Tiger. Eve before the Fall etc., etc., etc.,
Fun for the Little Folks: The little boy that ate two [sic] much pie. Courtship of two Kittens, Romance
and Beauty, Another Negro-Rising in the South, "I haint seen nuffin ov yer Chickens," Onconvanience
of single Life,
Convanience of matrimony, Cutting Corns, Country man and his Dorg [sic], Dentist extracting teeth
without pain etc., etc.
Many of these views have life like motions are exceedingly amusing.
Mount Vesuvius during eruption.
Closing with a grand good - night chromatrope.
We use one of Prof., Marcy's powerful Sciopticons whereby we present a brilliant picture from 8 to 10
feet in diameter
on upwards of 100 square feet of canvas.
We invite the attention of every body and guarantee satisfaction to all. Do not be deterred from coming
of some humbug that may have happened this way, remember ours is no cheap outfit, and we pledge
ourselves to give
Perfect Satisfaction or Refund the Money
Come early, bring some of your friends, secure good seats and spend a pleasant and profitable evening.
Lights Turned Down at 7P.M. No Postponement on Account of bad Weather.
Tickets for Sale at

L. Geiger, Lecturer and Operator.
Lake City Book Store Job Print.


State Library of Florida: Florida Collection, BR0037