Playbill for "The Spinster's Return" at the Tallahassee Opera House

Playbill for "The Spinster's Return" at the Tallahassee Opera House


The Spinster's Return
at the Opera House
Tuesday Night, February 4th
at 8 O'Clock P.M.

Part First.
Musical Selections, Vocal Instrumental, rendered by the best
talent of the City

Part Second.
Josephine Jane-Green Solferno, President Fenton Davis
Priscilla Abigail Hodge, Secretary Lilla Bates
Calamity Jane Higgins Wireworker, Treasurer Susie VanBrunt
Rebecca Rachel Sharpe Highflyer Lalah Cates
Mary Ann Fradeller Malaprop Florence Lewis
Patience Desire Mann (Countess Ketchum) Marie McConnell
Violet Ann Ruggles Henrietta Ames
Charity Longface Puddyfoot Bessie Damon
Sophia Stuckup Bennett Cassie Sweeting
Jerusha Matilda Spriggins Clifton Byrd
Juliet Long Laundestadt Clare Bowen
Betsy Bobbett Kate Mickler
Cleopatra Belle Brown Hopkinson Lucille Fleming
Polly Jane Prall Doolittle Fannie Coles
Belinda Bluegrass Afraid-of-his-face Susie McGriff
Frances Touchmenot Nellie Davis
Florence Lucresia Goodhope Despair Peral McLin
Hannah Biggerstaff Slocum Marion Bowen
Tiny Short Van Tassell Marie Marcus

Her (Widower's) Children
Samantha-Louise Clark
Betsy Ann,Twin Girls -Helen Saxon
Sophia Jane,Twin Girls -Alice Gwynn
Peggy Maria-Bessie Temple
Jehosophat-Brannon Casler
John Jacob-Hugh Archer Palmer
Gemimy-Azalee Moor
Angelina-Bessie Wells
Tillie (Baby Girl)-Bessie Blackburn
Aunt Ketchem -Clide R. Rushton
Young Man Afraid-of-his-face -Frank Winthrop
Prof. Dinkenspiel -Walter Lee McGriff
His Assistant-Robert Shackleford

Reserved Seats-75 cents
General Admission-50 cents

Collins, Tallahassee.


State Library of Florida: Florida Collection, BR0011