Flier advertising reduced-cost oral polio vaccines in Tallahassee, 1964

Flier advertising reduced-cost oral polio vaccines in Tallahassee, 1964


Sponsored by County Medical Society
Administered by County Health Department
Top Polio
Tallahassee Oral Polio
[left column]
1st Dose
February 29, 1964
[center column]
Two Doses
[right column]
2nd Dose
May 16, 1964
Cost per dose: 75c suggest or whatever you can pay
Stations Open 9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. Both Days
Go to any of these stations
Esso Station (Monroe & Park) FAMU High School Kate Sullivan School
118 1/2 S. Monroe Street Lincoln High School Carolina Brevard School
Sears-Parkway Center Borden's Dair (N. Monroe Street) Lillian Ruediger School
Capital Plaza Shopping Center FSU Demonstration School Sabal Palm School
University Plaza Shopping Center
Woodville School Ft. Braden School Miccosukee Community Center
Chaires School Bradfordville Community Center
General Information
The Plan!
On February 29th and again on May 16th, go to any of the announced stations,
walk up to the table, take a cube of sugar, and eat it, drop your money in the box,
take a card as your record of the immunization and leave. All this should take half
a minute or less.
How Much Will the Vaccine Cost Me?
There is no tax money available to buy the vaccine. We must collect enough to pay
the cost. we are asking 75c for each dose. If you cannot afford this much, pay what-
ever you can even if it is only a dime. The actual cost per dose is about 40c but we
must ask 75c a dose to be able to give the vaccine to those who cannot pay.
Which Oral Vaccine is being used? The new trivalent vaccine named, Orimune.
Each dose produces protection against all 3 types of polio. Two doses are required
for complete immunity. This vaccine costs more than other oral vaccines, but we feel
that it has certain important advantages which justify its use.
How is the Vaccine Given?
Two drops of vaccine are put on a cube of sugar which you eat. There is no taste
to the vaccine.
Can I Take the Vaccine Home to other Member of my Family?
No. The vaccine loses its potency too quickly for this. Each person must go to a sta-
tion to take the vaccine.
What About Those Who Have Received Previous Salk Polio Shots?
A complete series of two feedings of this trivalent oral vaccine is recommended re-
gardless of any previous shots.
Where Can I get Additional Information?
Additional information will be released through newspapers, TV, and radio or call
your family physician or the County Health Department (phone: 224-0181).


State Library of Florida: Florida Collection, BR0175


Tallahassee oral polio, two doses necessary (Sat. Feb. 29, 1964) and (Sat. May 16, 1964); cost per dose, 75 cents or whatever you can pay; stations open 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. both days sponsored by Leon County Medical Society and Leon County Health Department. General information to the public is provided answering such questions as: Explanation of the plan for the procedure of being completely vaccinated in this method; the cost of the vaccination; which oral vaccine is being used; how vaccine is given; who should take the vaccine; sources of more information, etc. ... ''