Public notice for a slave sale on June 29, 1842 near Tallahassee

Public notice for a slave sale on June 29, 1842 near Tallahassee


Sale on Wednesday, June 29.
In pursuance of a decree made at April
Term, 1842, of the Superior Court of the Middle District of Flo-
rida, in and for the County of Leon sitting in Chancery, made in a
certain cause between Joseph Chaires, Executor of Ben
Chaires, deceased, Petitioner for the foreclosure of a Mortgage,
and Robert H. Berry, descendant, and by virtue of the ex-
ecution issued to me to enforce said decree, I shall, on the 29th
day of June, 1842, at the Plantation called the Fauntleroy
Place, on the public road leading from Tallahassee to Block-
er's Cross Road, in said county Leon, within legal hours, pro-
ceed to sell at public outcry [to the] highest bidder for cash, the
included in said Mortgage, viz:
Charles, Shine, Edmund Mitchell, Ed-
mund Roberts, Moses, Jame Joe, Phoebe,
Delia, Henry, Harriet, Carter, Fanny,
May, Ann, Tom, Sarah, Charles, Molly,
Kate, Lindon, March, John, Alexander,
Graywood, Lary, G-[tear], Newton, Cuffe,
Castelo, Silla, Dilly [tear], Ginny, Sarah,
Beck, Nancy, Patie [tear] inah, Sally, Ana,
Henrietta, Betsey, [tear] rah, Priscilla, Jim,
Victoria and Adam [tear] nd issue after 20th
April, 1840.
Charles S. Sibley,
Commissioner in [tear] cery, and Elisor in said case
Appointed by [tear] of said Court to make said sale.
Tallahassee, May 27, 1842.


State Library of Florida: Florida Collection, BR0215


Announcement with the date and time of a slave sale near Tallahassee by Charles S. Sibley, a Commissioner in Chancery appointed by the Superior Court of the Middle District of Florida. The sale was to take place on a plantation known as the Fauntleroy Place. The slaves are identified by name in the notice.