Humble appeal for the ''kneeling slave.''

Humble appeal for the ''kneeling slave.''

Published Date

  • ca. 1850


  • Six stanza poem.


Humble Appeal
for the
"Kneeling Slave."
By George Kent, Esq.

Spurn not the suppliant slave,
Though abject now he lies-
Nor scorn the high behest of Heaven,
That urges him to rise.

Rise - not in fell revenge,
To break by force his chain-
But, through the power of light and love,
His brotherhood regain.

He kneels-will ye not see?
He pleads-will ye not hear?
His fettered hands are rais'd on high,
No human helper near.

The Saviour knelt and pray'd
When none but God was nigh;
An angel strengthen'd him from Heaven,
In that deep agony.

As spirits, sent to aid
A brother in his woe,
Be, one and all, the ministers
Of God, for good below.

Like the rich generous vine,
We each supported live-
The strength we gain, in weal or woe,
Is from the embrace we give.