Campaign flier for Sidney J. Catts

Campaign flier for Sidney J. Catts


To the Thousands of Catts Supporters In Florida The opponents of Catts are going to resort to all kinds of heckling, lying and false statements against Catts, in order to defeat him, knowing that he has the vast majority of votes on his side. So when Hathaway, Carlton, Carson or MacKenzie resort to these things DO NOT BE FOOLED THEREBY, Remembering that Catts is the same man who served you faithfully for four years and will do so again when you elect him. So discount these statements and vote first choice for your Governor. He will get 80,000 first choice votes. Catts supporters stand firm. Register and pay your poll tax and vote first choice for Sidney J. Catts, the friend of the poor, the working man, and all good citizens of Florida. Vote for Catts and Let's make Florida the Playground of America. See other side


State Library of Florida: Florida Collection, BR0065


Side one: To the thousands of Catts supporters in Florida.