Elect Christie, Miami city commission group 4.

Elect Christie, Miami city commission group 4.

Published Date

  • published 1965

Geographic Term

  • Miami.


  • Two political posters for election of Irwin G. Christie. The first one, dated Nov. 16, lists endorsements from newspapers and organizations supporting his election. The second has headline dated Nov. 17, 1965 from Miami Herald and vote totals from first primary comparing precincts' voting totals based on race and area.


The Miami Herald
Wednesday, November 17, 1965
[news clipping]
Negroes Flock to Polls
To Support Range Bid
By Dick Knight
Herald Staff Writer
Negro voters went to the
polls in Tuesday's Miami city
commission election in rec-
ord numbers to support
Mrs. Athalie Range in her
bid for a seat on the commis-
sion, while rejecting the can-
didacy of another Negro in
the election.
The results of the primary
showed that while Mrs.
Range made the runoff elec-
tion - the first Negro in
history to do so- the vot-
solely a racial
[image centered]
[right column]
ers by overwhelming
High and Kennedy,
though, had broad support in
almost all of Miami's 89 pre-
cincts. The mayor, for exam-
ple, carrie 88% of them in his
successful reelection race.
Mrs. Range received 11,-
340 votes to lead the fields of
seven candidates for the com-
mission seat being vacated
by Vice Mayor Alice Wain-
About half of her votes
came from the 11 Negro pre-
cincts. She carried 21 pre-
cincts citywide.
Percentage of Total Vote by Area (first primary)
Christie % Range% All other candidates%
8 All Negro Precincts 1/2% 99% 1/2%
8 Predominately Negro 10% 84% 6%
Christie % Range% All other candidates%
N.E. Area 41% 10% 49%
S.W. Area 42% 9% 49%
Coral Gate Area 43% 10% 47%
Grapeland Area 40% 8% 52%
Flagami Area 43% 10% 47%
Elect Christie
The All Miami Candidate