Elect Christie, Miami city commission group 4.

Elect Christie, Miami city commission group 4.

Published Date

  • published 1965

Geographic Term

  • Miami.


  • Two political posters for election of Irwin G. Christie. The first one, dated Nov. 16, lists endorsements from newspapers and organizations supporting his election. The second has headline dated Nov. 17, 1965 from Miami Herald and vote totals from first primary comparing precincts' voting totals based on race and area.


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Miami City Commission Group 4
The Christie family... Joyce, Irwin, Donna, Lisa, Bart and Jennifer
The only group four
candidate endorsed
and recommended
For City Commission
The Miami News
Recommends Christie
Commissioner, Group 4: Irwin
Christie. Mr. Chrisite, waging his
first campaign for the City Commis-
sion, seeks to fill the vacancy created
by the departure of Commissioner
Alice Wainwright. He is a graduate of
the University of Miami law school
and has a wide background in busi-
ness matters.
He is earnestly interested in the
city government and in our opinion
would work harmoniously with the in-
cumbent commissioners to further
the city's progress
The Independent
Diario Los Americos
All Major Senior Citizens
American Federation of Senior Citizens
Dade County Council of Senior Citizens
Congress of Senior Citizens Clubs
War Veterans Senior Citizen League
American Hellenic
Political League
Florida Business Leader
Organization Democrata
The Miami Herald
says: "In the Group Four Commissioner race we found
... Irwin G. Christie knowledgeable in civic affairs."
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Vote Tues., Nov. 16th