Rules and Regulations of the Board Of Health of the County of Franklin and City and Port of Apalachicola, Florida.

Rules and Regulations of the Board Of Health of the County of Franklin and City and Port of Apalachicola, Florida.


Rules and Regulations
of the Board of Health of
the County of Franklin,
and city and port of
Section 1. The jurisdiction of the
Board of Health shall extend to the
boundary lines of the county. Reg-
ulations of the last year to remain in
effect until May 15th, 1891.
Sec. 2. All boats and vessels ar-
riving at the port of Apalachicola on
and after May 1, 1891, upon which
any contagious, infectious or pesti-
lential diseases have occurred or ex-
isted during the voyage to said city,
or within thirty days next preced-
ing the arrival of said boat or vessel
at said port or city of Apalachicola,
is forbidden to approach the city,
nearer than is specified in the rules
and regulations of the Board of
Health herein promulgated. And is
also forbidden to land any person, or
goods, until such boat or vessel has
performed all quarantine, as directed
by the rules and regulations of the
Board of Health. And the said
Board of Health upon information,
which is satisfactory to them, hereby
establishes a quarantine against all
countries and localities that are in-
fected with plague or malignant, con-
tagious or infectious diseases, as well
as against countries and localities
holding communications with coun-
tries and localities where any plague
exists, or other malignant, contagious
or infections diseases are prevailing,
or reported to exist. And particu-
larly enumerate South and Central
America, all West Indian ports, the
Isthmus of Panama, or Darien, and
all ports upon the Gulf of Mexico,
and any country or port the Board
may hereafter name. And boats or
vessels from any of these countries
or localities are forbidden to approach
said city of Apalachicola, or the dis-
trict over which this Board has juris-
diction by law, or to land any such
boat or vessel, or any boat or vessel,
or person, or persons, or goods, until
they shall have performed quarantine
in and in all respects conforming to
the rules and regulations of the Board
of Health of the State and County.
The stations for vessels entering
East Pass shall be at Pilot Cove on
the west side of East Pass, at or near
St. George's Island, and at a point
about two miles east of the west end
of Dog Island. No pilot shall leave
any vessel at the ballast Grounds
coming from an infected or suspi-
cious port under a penalty of a fine.
The station for vessels entering
West Pass shall be at the buoy on
Higgins Flat.
Sec. 3. All vessels arriving from
an infected or suspicious port, will be
held in quarantine not less than thirty
[center column]
days from date of departure from
said port, and shall be cleansed and
fumigated as the port physician or
inspector may direct, and said vessel
shall undergo a second disinfection
and fumigation if deemed necessary
by the port physician or inspector, ex-
cept when such vessel may have un-
dergone an examination and disin-
fection at a State or U. S. Quarantine
Sec. 4. Any vessel having on board
any person ill with any infectious or
contagious disease on approaching the
harbor of Apalachicola, shall be noti-
fied by the pilot that said vessel pro-
ceed at once to a State or U.S.
Quarantine Station for special sani-
tary cure, under the direction given
the officer of the station by the Marine
hospital Bureau or the State Board
of Health, and it shall be the duty of
all pilots, or other persons before
boarding any vessel to ascertain if
such vessel is from any such port as
named in section three and shall not
board such vessel, but the vessel may
follow the pilot to the quarantine sta-
tion and there remain for inspection
and fumigation. and no vessel shall
be permitted to take any cargo while
performing quarantine.
Sec. 5. Any vessel arriving in the
harbor of Apalachicola on and after
May 1, 1891, during the existence of
quarantine operations for the year,
shall not under any circumstances
land any person, boat, or goods, any
where in the harbor of Apalachicola,
or approach the city of Apalachicola
or permit any Tug boat or any other
vessel to give or take a tow line or
remain alongside without permission
of the port physician or inspector,
nor permit any person or persons,
not legally authorized, to visit or
communicate in any way whatever
until she shall have been fumigated
and performed the quarantine, in ac-
cordance with regulations of this
Board of Health; and no master or
person in charge of any vessel shall
give false information to any pilot,
inspector or port physician relative
to condition of crew, passengers,
cargo or ballast, or of the health of the
port from whence she came, or refuse
to give such information as shall be
lawfully required. This section shall
also apply in the conditions and pen-
alties to tow boats and lighters and
the masters thereof.
Sec. 6. The quarantine physician
or inspector shall be at all times be-
tween sunrise and sunset ready to
visit and board all vessels as soon as
apprised of their arrival in the bay,
at the points hereafter designated by
a flag staff showing a yellow flag.
He shall show a yellow flag conspi-
cuously in his boat to designate his
character, and no vessel or boat shall
by any circumstances pass by the
quarantine boat or flag station or re-
fuse to obey the orders of the quaran-
tine physician or inspector.
Sec. 7. It shall be the duty of
pilots or other persons bringing ves-
sels into the bay of Apalachicola to
hoist a flag at half mast at the fore,
[right column]
and not to pass the quarantine flag
until the vessel has been visited by
the quarantine physician or inspector,
and it shall not be lawful for any per-
son to visit or communicate with any
vessel being taken into quarantine,
or in quarantine, until said vessel
has been visited by the quarantine
physician or inspector and relieved
from quarantine.
Sec. 8. No pilot or other person
except an inspector shall leave any
vessel after coming into Apalachicola
Bay, (or St. George's Sound) without
a written permit to do so from the
quarantine physician or inspector or
Board of Health. It shall be the
duty of the quarantine physician or
inspector to cause any vessel having
sickness on board to be anchored at
least three fourths of a mile from
other vessels which have no sickness
on board, and it shall be his duty to
prohibit any intercourse whatever
between such vessels. Should any
intercourse take place, it is his duty
as well as the duty of the inspectors
and pilots to promptly report it to
the president or any other member
of the Board of Health.
Sec. 9. The quarantine physician
shall charge a visiting fee of $5 in
all cases where he attends patients
on board vessels, and charge for all
medicines, cost of boat hire, and sup-
plies furnished to the respective ves-
sels. Such fees and charges to be
collected from master or owners of
vessels to which such patients belong,
and such fees and charges to be paid
over to the Secretary and Treasurer
of the Board of health.
The quarantine physician or in-
spector shall have full and complete
control of the quarantine stations
and the employees therewith connec-
ted, subject to the orders of the
Board of Health, and in all cases
which he deems necessary, shall re-
quire vessels in quarantine to dis-
charge their ballast or cargo under
his order and directions, and undergo
such fumigation and cleansing as re-
quired by the regulations of the state
and county Boards of Health as he
may deem necessary; but all ballast
of earth, sand or porous stone, shall
be deposited under water at a point
to be designated by the port inspec-
tor or physician, not in conflict with
state laws.
Should any vessel be permitted to
discharge ballast while performing
quarantine, such vessel or owners
shall pay the Board of Health not
exceeding 75cts per ton, the same to
be done under directions and expen-
ses of said Board, and must be paid
as other fees are provided for.
Sec. 10. The quarantine physician
or inspector shall examine into the
condition of every vessel going into
quarantine and the health of persons
on board, and shall not permit any
vessel or boat, or person from any
vessel, to approach the city until the
fees and charges and all other require-
ments of the regulations have been
fulfilled, and, further, until he is satis-


State Library of Florida: Florida Collection, BR0150


List of rules and regulations adopted by the Board of Health of Franklin County and the City of Apalachicola.