To the people of Hamilton. Jasper, Fla., Sept. 22, 1888.

To the people of Hamilton. Jasper, Fla., Sept. 22, 1888.

Published Date

  • published 1888

Geographic Term

  • Jasper, Hamilton County.


  • Circular to explain the taxation of land in Hamilton County. Includes letter from State Comptroller to Mr. J.F. Stewart, Assessor of Taxes, Hamilton County and a copy of Laws of Florida Acts of 1883, sections 34 and 35.


To the People of Hamilton.

The reason why I assessed the lands in the county as I did can now be seen
by all. I was acting as your servant, in the discharge of my sworn duty.
Yours to command,

J.F. Stewart.
Jasper, Fla., Sept. 22, 1888.
Treasury Department, State of Florida,
Comptroller's Office,
Tallahassee, July 14th, 1886

Mr. J. F. Stewart, Assessor of Taxes Hamilton County, Jasper, Fla.
Dear Sir: --Replying to yours of the 7th inst. I will say that the railroads
and telegraph lines will be assessed at this office and reported to you during the
present month.
I did not have sufficient funds appropriated to secure lists of U.S. Lands,
but you will find all the State and School Lands marked on the maps. I don't
suppose that there is much U.S. Lands in your county, and I would advise you
to assess all lands as "Unknown" that are not returned for taxation, unless you
find them to be State or School Lands. Of course if you know that a certain
piece of land belongs to the U.S., it should be omitted, but otherwise it would
be best to assess it.
Yours, &c.,
W.D.Barnes, Comptroller,
By W.M. McIntosh, Jr.

Laws of Florida - Acts of 1883
Sec. 34. The Assessors and Collectors, in the execution of their duties, shall
use the forms and pursue the instructions which may from time to time be transmitted
to them by the Comptroller, provided the same are in accordance with the
Sec. 35. If the Tax Assessor shall fail to do the duties and assess the taxes
in the manner prescribed in this act, he shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor,
and on conviction shall be fined not less than fifty, nor more than two hundred