Schedule of events for the Florida Centennial Celebration in Tallahassee, 1924

Schedule of events for the Florida Centennial Celebration in Tallahassee, 1924


Please register at the Log Cabin Capital (on Capital grounds)
Parking Space
Fish's Green - One block west of Supreme Court Building.
Byrd's Park - South Monroe Street, one block south of Capital.
Ladies' Rest Rooms
County Court House - South Monroe Street
Elk's Club - North Monroe Street
State Capital - South Monroe Street
Cherokee Hotel - East Park Ave., (one block east of Monroe street,
Children's Costume Parade on Monroe street, Monday 3 P.M.
Commercial and Patriotic Parade on Monroe street, Tuesday 1 P.M.
Historical Parade on Monroe street, Friday 11 A.M.
Location of Attractions
State Capital Grounds, South Monroe street - Opening ceremonies, raising of
five flags and laying of Memorial Tablet, Monday 10 A. M.
At Athletic Field, south end of Monroe street (go out south Adams street)-
Basket Ball, Tuesday 3 P.M. Foot Ball, Tuesday 3:30 P.M. Fire-
works Tuesday, 6 P.M. Football, Friday 3 P.M.
Florida State College for Women, in auditorium-Musical Program by the mu-
sical faculty, Monday 8 P.M. American Legion Minstrel, Tuesday 3 and
8 P.M. Grand Opera Concert. Cecil Arden and Frederick Gunster. Thur-
sday 8 P.M. In Dining Hall, Colonial Ball, Friday 10 P.M.
Lewis Park, east Park Avenue - Termination of Children's Parade and May
Day Festivities, Monday 3:30 P.M. Community Singing, Thursday 3 P.M.
Exhibition Building, west Gaines street, 2 blocks from end of pavement.
Pageant Grandstand, at the home of the Tallahassee Girl, north of Governor's
Mansion - Historical Pageant, Wednesday 7:30 P.M.
Auto Camp Grounds
Highland Park on Dixie Highway, just north of the City,
Perkin's Tourist Camp on St. Augustine Road, half mile west of the City.


State Library of Florida: Florida Collection, BR0064


Information broadside for the Florida Centennial Celebration held in Tallahassee, Florida in 1924. Provides information about: Parking, Ladies' Rest Rooms, Parade schedule, Location of attractions, and Auto camp grounds.