Information, please register at the Log Cabin Capital (on Capital grounds).

Information, please register at the Log Cabin Capital (on Capital grounds).

Published Date

  • ca. 1924

Geographic Term

  • Tallahassee.


  • Information broadside for the Florida Centennial Celebration held in Tallahassee, Florida in 1924. Provides information about: Parking, Ladies' Rest Rooms, Parade schedule, Location of attractions, and Auto camp grounds.


Please register at the Log Cabin Capital (on Capital grounds)
Parking Space
Fish's Green - One block west of Supreme Court Building.
Byrd's Park - South Monroe Street, one block south of Capital.
Ladies' Rest Rooms
County Court House - South Monroe Street
Elk's Club - North Monroe Street
State Capital - South Monroe Street
Cherokee Hotel - East Park Ave., (one block east of Monroe street,
Children's Costume Parade on Monroe street, Monday 3 P.M.
Commercial and Patriotic Parade on Monroe street, Tuesday 1 P.M.
Historical Parade on Monroe street, Friday 11 A.M.
Location of Attractions
State Capital Grounds, South Monroe street - Opening ceremonies, raising of
five flags and laying of Memorial Tablet, Monday 10 A. M.
At Athletic Field, south end of Monroe street (go out south Adams street)-
Basket Ball, Tuesday 3 P.M. Foot Ball, Tuesday 3:30 P.M. Fire-
works Tuesday, 6 P.M. Football, Friday 3 P.M.
Florida State College for Women, in auditorium-Musical Program by the mu-
sical faculty, Monday 8 P.M. American Legion Minstrel, Tuesday 3 and
8 P.M. Grand Opera Concert. Cecil Arden and Frederick Gunster. Thur-
sday 8 P.M. In Dining Hall, Colonial Ball, Friday 10 P.M.
Lewis Park, east Park Avenue - Termination of Children's Parade and May
Day Festivities, Monday 3:30 P.M. Community Singing, Thursday 3 P.M.
Exhibition Building, west Gaines street, 2 blocks from end of pavement.
Pageant Grandstand, at the home of the Tallahassee Girl, north of Governor's
Mansion - Historical Pageant, Wednesday 7:30 P.M.
Auto Camp Grounds
Highland Park on Dixie Highway, just north of the City,
Perkin's Tourist Camp on St. Augustine Road, half mile west of the City.