Impeach Nixon!

Impeach Nixon!


Impeach Nixon!
Write Your Rep.
Richard Nixon has not left us in doubt. He means
to function above the law. If he is allowed to con-
tinue, then the destruction of the Bill of Rights could
follow. If, after all the Watergate revelations, we allow
him to continue, we are accomplices to that
To preserve and protect our system of individual
rights under law, to restore the integrity of the Bill of
Rights for us and our children, and to make the
lesson clear to all future presidents in whose hands
we place our lives, Richard Nixon must stand trial
before the Senate. If he does not stand trial, what he
has done will be done by others.
How to impeach President Nixon
In order to stand trial before the Senate where a
two thirds vote is necessary for conviction, the Presi-
dent must first be accused by a majority of the House
of Representatives. This accusation by the House is
called impeachment. Impeachment itself does not
result in the removal of the President. Like an indict-
ment it merely begins a trial. Impeachment is what
the House of Representatives does the actual trial
is held by the Senate. We believe such a trial must
take place, however unpleasant.
The country can withstand the resignation of the
Vice President.
The country can withstand the impeachment of
the President.
The country cannot withstand a system of presi-
dential power unlimited by the Bill of Rights.
If you believe that President Nixon should be
brought to trial before the Senate for his violations
of civil liberties join the campaign for impeachment.
Make your voice count in defense of the Bill of Rights.
We seek his trial so that
another American President
will not be able to say they
"all do it." If there is no
trial another president will
feel free to do as he chooses.

L.C.I.N.C. meets
every Tuesday at 8P.M.
in room 225 of the
Bellamy Building
on the F.S.U. Campus

If you have already
written once, write

Leon County Impeach Nixon Committee
P.O. Box 6146
Tallahassee, Florida
Congressman and their Districts
1. Robert Sikes 2269 Rayburn House O.B.
2. Don Fuqua 2266 Rayburn House O.B. (Tall. Rep)
3. Charles Bennett 2113 Rayburn House O.B.
4. William Chappell 1124 Longworth O.B.
5. Bill Gunter 423 Cannon House O.B.
6. C.I. Young 426 Cannon
7. Sam Gibbons 2161 Rayburn
8. James Haley 1236 Longworth
9. Lou Grey 214 Cannon
10. L.A. Bafalis 1713 Longworth
11. Paul Rogers 2417 Rayburn
12. J. Herbert Burke 1125 Longworth
13. William Lehman 502 Cannon
14. Claude Pepper 432 Cannon
15. Danto Fascell 2160 Rayburn

Lawton Chiles 2106 New Senate Office Bldg.
Edward Curney 5107 New Senate Office Bldg.
Sample Address
Representative John Doe
2222 Rayburn House Office Bldg.
Washington D.C. 20515
Sample Letter
The Honorable [blank]
House of Representatives
Washington D.C.
As a voting member of your district I would
like to express to you my views on impeachment.
The question before you Rep. [blank], is whether
Richard Nixon is above the law. I believe he
is not. You must vote yes on the resolution
for impeachment when it comes to the house
floor. We can no longer tolerate a week
president who has no rewards for the Bill of
Move on with impeachment
Yours Truly


State Library of Florida: Florida Collection, BR0277


Left side: Short article on why impeach Richard Nixon urging voters to write their Congressmen. On right side: List of Congressmen, their districts and Senators. A sample form of address and sample letter to use.