State of Florida. Executive Office. John L. Crawford ... is dead.

State of Florida. Executive Office. John L. Crawford ... is dead.

Published Date

  • published 1902

Geographic Term

  • Keystone Heights, Lake Geneva.


  • An executive order signed by William S. Jennings, Governor of Florida, requesting that out of respect for the death of Secretary of State Crawford all flags (at the Capital and all state buildings) should be lowered to half mast and all State offices should be closed until and including the day of the funeral.


State of Florida
Executive Office
John L. Crawford, Secretary of State of the State of Florida, a
learned physician, a member of the Second State Assembly of Florida,
afterward a State Senator for sixteen years, later Secretary of State
for twenty-one years, truly a public servant for nearly forty years,
distinguished for purity of character, honesty of purpose, and faithfulness
to duty, is dead.
Notwithstanding his feebleness and lingering illness, the intelligence
of his death came as a shock. The closing of his life, so useful,
honorable and illustrious, at the end of one year of his present term, to
which the State had called him, causes great sadness to the people of
the State of Florida, and deserves appropriate and sorrowful recognition.
Now, therefore, it is hereby requested as a mark of regard for the
distinguished dead, that the flags upon the Capitol and upon all public
buildings of the State of Florida, including the armories of the Florida
State Troops, be displayed at half mast, and that the State office be
closed until and including the day of the funeral, and the officials and
citizens of the State, for a like period, are requested to unite in appropriate
tokens of respect.
Given under my hand, without the
Great Seal of State, at the Capitol, in
the City of Tallahassee, this the twenty-
fourth day of January, in the year of our
Lord, one thousand nine hundred and
William S. Jennings,