Instructions to county election inspectors from Secretary of State Frederick L. Villepigue

Instructions to county election inspectors from Secretary of State Frederick L. Villepigue


To Inspectors of the October State Election

1. Polls to be opened at 9 o'clock, A.M., and closed at 5, P.M.
2. When at any precinct there are no Inspectors, or those appointed fail to act, the voters present
may appoint Inspectors, not exceeding three, to hold the Election.
3. Inspectors and Clerks of Election must be sworn; and if no officer be present to administer the
oath, the Inspectors present may swear each other.
4. Inspectors shall provide a box, and every ballot should have the name of the office endorsed or
preceding the name of the person voted for, and be deposited in the box. Only one box shall be used.
5. The box being opened, the ballots contained therein shall be taken out and counted, and if it shall
be found that two names for the same office are found on the same ballot or ticket, they shall not be
counted. All the ballots or tickets to be strung as taken out, and preserved, to be taken to the Court House or
County Site.
6. The canvass being completed, duplicate certificates of the result shall be drawn off by the
Inspectors or Clerks, containing in words and figures, written at full length, the whole number of votes given
for each office at such election, the names of the persons for whom such votes for such office were given, and the number
of votes so given to each person, which certificate shall be signed by the Inspectors and Clerk, and that no return
shall be rejected for informality in the certificate, without there is clear indication of fraud in the proceedings.
7. The poll-book or list of voters shall be certified and signed by the Inspectors and Clerk, which shall,
together with one of the certificates of the result of the election, and the ballots, strung as above, after
being enclosed, sealed and endorsed "Election Returns," be carried to the Court House or seat of Justice,
by one of the Inspectors, to be determined by lot if they cannot agree; and in case, from any unforseen [sic] cause,
the Inspector chosen cannot carry them, he may send them by a trusty person; Provided, The same be a legal
voter of said county, sworn to deliver them.

F. L. Villepigue,
Secretary of State.
Note-The attention of Inspectors and Clerks is particularly called to the Laws herewith sent.
F. L. Villepigue, Secretary of State
Floridian & Jour


State Library of Florida: Florida Collection, BR0019


Instructions for the proper supervision of voters and voting boxes and for the inspection and delivery of election returns.