Constitution of 1885

Delegates convened in June 1885 to revise Florida’s state constitution. The existing constitution had been in effect since 1868, when it was adopted as part of Florida’s reentry into the United States following the Civil War. The 1885 constitution legitimized poll taxes as a prerequisite for voting, which ultimately disproportionately disenfranchised African Americans and many poor whites.

Constitution of 1885


Done in open Convention, at Tallahassee, this 3d day of August, A. D. Eighteen hundred and eighty-five, and of the independence of the United States the one hundredth* and tenth year.

S. PASCO, President.

J. E. Yonge, First Vice-President.

Wm. H. Reynolds, Secretary Convention.

W. M. Bennett, A. D. McKinnon, James R. Challen, J. P. B. Goodbread, Norman T. Scott, B. D. Wadsworth, Wm. A. Blount, Joseph H. Humphries, A. E. Maxwell, Theodore Randell, E. M. Randall, B. F. Oliveros, A. L. McCaskill, F. B. Genovar, W. H. Milton, T. F. Swearingen, W. L. Hunter, S. B. Conover, Obadiah Edge, M. M. Blackburn, J. G. Speer, Wm. N. Sheats, R. F. Taylor, Jas. P. Coker, John Westcott, C. C. Wilson, L. W. Bethel, John Neel, King Wylly, W. H. Hausman, William B. Randolph, Phillip Walter, Jeremiah Fogarty, Jas. B. Stone, E. C. Love, Alexander Bell, John Crews Pelot, Syd. L. Carter, John C. Richard, John W. Malone, Joseph M. Tolbert, S. J. Turnbull, Lewis Wilson, Wallace S. Jones, Wash M. Ives, R. C. Parkhill, James F. McClellan, Thos. V. Gibbs, J. E. Yonge, E. C. F. Sanchez, George I. Davis, E. L. Odom, W. T. Orman, H. C. Baker, Wm. F. Thompson, J. P. Morgan, Hugh E. Miller, W. F. Green, Wm. R. Bush, Angus Paterson, Robt. F. Rogers, John D. Broome, Henry C. Hicks, Henry W. Chandler, Jas. Wood Davidson, J. D. Goss, William T. Weeks, Thos. N. Bell, E. J. Lutterloh, Chas. W. Lewis, J. R. Herndon, H. L. Parker, Wallace B. Carr, Paul Hatch, J. M. Landrum, W. B. Tedder, B. J. Earle, Robert Henderson, Irving Gillis, L. D. Carson, Geo. P. Fowler,