Constitution of 1868

Constitution of 1868


An Ordinance

To provide for the Repeal of Unequal Taxation. 

WHEREAS, The General Assembly of the Provisional Government of Florida passed an Act entitles “An Act concerning Schools for Freedmen,” approved January 16th, 1866, whereby a tax of one dollar each is assessed and levied upon all male persons of color between the ages of twenty-one years and fifty-five, and the proceeds of which are denominated a common school fund for the education of freedmen; AND WHEREAS, The said tax so unequally, discriminatingly, and injuriously levied and collected, has failed to result in any benefit in the least to those for whose education it was claimed to have been enacted, and is imposed in violation of public and impartial justice, and that civil and political equality which is now the inalienable franchise and birthright of every citizen of the State, without regard to race, color, or previous condition; therefore, Be it Ordained by the People of Florida in Convention assembled, That so much of said Act as provides for the assessment and levy of one dollar each upon all male persons of color between the ages of twenty-one and fifty-five, be and the same is hereby repealed, and all further assessment and collection of said tax shall be and the same is hereby estopped and prohibited.

Passed in open Convention, February 22, A. D. 1868.