Tree Snails of South Florida

Tree Snails of South Florida


  • Tree Snails of South Florida

Published Date

  • published 1940


[page 7]
"Of course, the most wonderful and interesting thing about
Florida tree snails is the shell. It is hard to describe the many patterns
and bright colors. You see the ones the guide brought have a golden
yellow in all the whorls and some of them end in a dainty pink apex.
Many people travel long distances to see the Florida tree snails."

"How many snails can live on one tree, Daddy?"

"That would be hard to say, at the present time, because lots of
the snails have been destroyed by man and the hurricanes. But it is said
that in 1923 some trees on Cape Sable were so covered with the lovely
snails that they appeared to be full of glossy fruit."

"Oh, Daddy, I should like to go way into the jungles and see
every kind of tree snail."

"Well, if we had a 'magic carpet' instead of an automobile we
really could travel on and on, through hundreds and hundreds of
hammocks on the Keys and in the Everglades and see the snails at

"How many colors would we see?"

"I don't know, but you would find shells in many shades of color
form golden-yellow to orange-tinted scarlet; shells of soft brown, like the
eyes of a fawn; others in black and white with a polished surface. Some
are royal purple and many are pure white with pink tips.